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Gift Certificate

What kind of gift do you give someone who has everything? Why, a gift certificate of course! Gift Certificates to the Phantom Regiment Online Store are a great way to make sure the Phans on your holiday list get exactly what they want!

For a limited time only - for every $100 of online gift certificates you purchase, you will get a FREE $25 gift certificate for you! This way, you can shop for your family and friends and at the same time, get a gift for yourself. This is a limited time offer only, so act now! (When your order is processed, we will add your free $25 gift certificate).

These certificates (good only for the online store and expire one year from the date of purchase) are available in any amount you choose. You can mix and match the amounts you would like to receive so you can give them out to all of your family and friends.

Choose Email Gift Certificate - and we will send them an email with the gift certificate like this one below. Make sure to include your name in the "From" box.

(If you want to email them to yourself so you can print and hand to them, just enter your email address).

If you choose print, please realize this will take longer as we will print them here and send via US Mail. So the best option is to email - either to the gift recipient or to yourself.

Each certificate includes a code that is entered during the checkout process.

Clear Static Window Cling Block

Clear static window cling block. Size is 4” x 3”.

Our Price: $2.00
Championship Bumper Sticker

Phantom Regiment championship bumper sticker for your car, truck or wherever you want to display it!

Our Price: $2.00
Regiment Pens

Phantom Regiment pen with comfortable grip. Available in black with black ink, or red with red ink.

Our Price: $2.00
Graffiti Sticker

Phantom Regiment graffiti sticker.

Dimensions are 9" x 3"

Our Price: $2.00
Clear Static Window Cling Long

Clear static window cling long. Size is 17” x 1.5”.

Our Price: $3.00
Chevron Bracelet

These black bracelets are completely adjustable to fit over even the largest wrists! A cute, lightweight way to show everyone who your favorite corps is on your wrist!

Our Price: $5.00
2013 Triumphant Journey Lapel Pin

This lapel pin commemorating the 2013 Triumphant Journey production is 1.5" x 1.0" in size with a beveled top.

Our Price: $5.00
Ice Scraper

Let the Phantom Regiment help you this winter scrapping the ice off your windows with this 7" ice scraper.

Our Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $5.00
You save $2.00!
Luggage Tag

Find your luggage easier with this Phantom Regiment branded luggage tag.

  • Front is digitally printed with Phantom Regiment Logo
  • Back is a smudge resistant write-on surface for the luggage tag owner's contact information
  • Printed on white matte PVC Plastic
  • Luggage tags come with a 6" clear loop straps

Our Price: $5.00

Fully sublimation-dyed stretch black 1/2” headband with continuously wrapped white chevrons.

Our Price: $5.00
Dog Tags

PR Dog Tags (with chain)

Our Price: $5.00
Terry Wrist Wrap

Terry Wrist Wrap - chevron printed terry wrist wrap, 2 3/4" W x 3 1/4" H.

Our Price: $5.00

This folding insulated beverage sleeve will help keep your canned drinks or water bottles cold. These are durable and lightweight and collapse flat for easy storage.

Our Price: $5.00
60th Anniversary Lapel Pin

This lapel pin commemorates our 60th anniversary in 2016! (Size is approx. 1.25" x 1.25")

Our Price: $5.00
2015 City of Light Lapel Pin

This lapel pin commemorating the 2015 City of Light is approximately 1" x 1" in size.

Our Price: $5.00
Metallic Sunglasses

Metallic Sunglasses - Red
  • A shiny and eye-catching version of timeless classic sunglasses.
  • Phantom Regiment imprint on both arms!
  • Each pair of sunglasses provides 100% UV protection and feature shatter resistant lenses.

Our Price: $5.00
Letter Opener

Standard rectangular letter opener. Protected heavy duty stainless steel blade. Solid construction letter slitter. Great desk top item for home and office use.
Size: 3 1/2 " x 2 1/4 "

Our Price: $5.00
Chevron Lapel Pin

This chevron lapel pin is 1.25" x 1" in size.

Our Price: $5.00
2016 Voice of Promise Lapel Pin

This lapel pin commemorating the 2016 Voice of Promise production is 1.25" x 1.25" in size.

Our Price: $5.00

This metal keychain with plastic edges has the PR logo laser etched on the front.

Our Price: $7.00
O-Ring Necklace

Keep the Regiment displayed while you wear this Phantom Regiment labeled O-ring necklace. This necklace is a 1" brushed silver O-Ring with a 24" black cord.

Our Price: $8.00
50th Anniversary Book

This beautiful coffee table book is a must for the Regiment Phan! Celebrating 50 years of the Phantom Regiment, this 120 page color book is the ultimate collection of Regiment pictures and memorabilia. From the first picture of the 1947 VFW Post 342 at the Navy Day Parade that features Bob Kisting, who would later become the first drum instructor for the Regiment in 1956, thorough copies of hand written letter from Alex Haddad, the first manager of the corps, the Phantomettes, the early SPARTACUS years, the "new" white, then black, then tan, then back to white uniforms, our staff and volunteers and lots of behind the scenes pictures, to the very last picture of the full corps from the Rhapsody show in 2005, you will cherish this book until we put together the Second 50 Years of the Phantom Regiment!

Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $10.00
You save $15.00!
Bret Kuhn Field Series Drumsticks

The Innovative Percussion FS-BK signature model marching snare drumstick is designed to the exacting specifications of Bret Kuhn.

Our Price: $10.00
Chevron Ornament

Spruce your Christmas tree with this 4" shatterproof chevron ornament.

Our Price: $10.00
License Plate Frame

Display your Regiment pride with this plastic license plate frame.

Our Price: $10.00
Cinch Bag

Constructed of strong, durable nylon, this staple is perfect for everyday use as a cinch pack or backpack.

210 denier oxford nylon

Dyed-to-match drawcord closures

Reinforced bottom grommets

Dimensions: 16.5"h x 14.5"w

Our Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $10.00
You save $4.00!
Lanyard/Carabiner Combo

This 3/4" reversible lanyard can be worn as a black or a red lanyard and comes with a carabiner!

Our Price: $10.00
Logo Seat Cushion

This 9x14 closed cell rectangle seat cushion is simply versatile. Use at the drum corps show or while you're out gardening! For almost anywhere one can benefit from a more comfortable seat. Made of new soft & comfortable Softek™ closed cell foam.

Our Price: $12.00
ETY Plugs - earplugs

These earplugs are worn by the Phantom Regiment. For more information on the manufacturer as well as more information on proper use - see Package includes: clear earplugs; case; and neck cord.

High-Fidelity Earplugs

ETY•Plugs® are the world's highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. ETY•Plugs are configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that when sound enters the earplug, it is reproduced unchanged, exactly the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.

  • Benefits
    • Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs
    • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations as well as noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
    • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
    • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others
  • Features
    • Low cost
    • Ready-fit
    • Available in 2 sizes (same sound reduction) - standard and large*
    • Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies
* All ears are different. It is impossible to predict the size of an ear canal by the appearance of the outer ear, or by a person's physical size, age or gender. Two sizes of ETY•Plugs fit almost 100% of ear canals. Recent studies of both fit and seal, conducted at Etymotic Research and an independent lab, showed that the smaller of the two sizes fits the majority of ears and is now designated as standard fit.
  • Regular use of these high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music will protect hearing from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sound throughout life.
  • A little time may be required to acclimate to these earplugs. Many musicians report that they hear their own instruments better, as well as the balance with those around them.
Due to the nature of this product, earplugs are not returnable. These earplugs are manufactured by Etymotic Research Inc (

Our Price: $15.00